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1-day workshop in Helsinki

Nowadays food photography is one of the fastest growing and most popular genre. Thanks to Instagram and other photo sharing social media platforms, food blogs and the availability of cameras, we tend to take photos of our plates where ever we go. Of course the easiest way is just to use our phones. However we might want to achieve better quality photos than that. It can be for our own albums, food blogs or for our family recipe registry, we might want to take nice photos of beautifully arranged plates and maybe even the ingredients.

But how can we do it? During this full day workshop we share with you all the tips and techniques needed to take your food photography and food styling to the next level. You will learn how to set up your camera in semi-manual and manual mode in order the get the perfect exposure. We will discuss gear and basics of composition and lighting, and how you can use these to your advantage. Then we will also create our own sets using plates, decorations, spices, and other props.




Date: September 4th

This one-day workshop is designed to learn about food photography with a hands-on approach. The first part of the workshop will be theoretical, explaining about the optimal light, settings and some basic photography principles we can apply in food photography. The lunch is included, and we will enjoy the wonderful food creations of Aan Tafel.
After lunch we will have the chance to also photograph different plates presented by Juho and Romany and also try different basic setups and styling by ourselves. We are keeping our group small, so everyone has a chance to work on their skills.

The workshop fee is 225 euro (incl. VAT). To register please send an email to

Requirements: We are mainly working with DSLR cameras which can be set manually, but point-and-shoot and bridge cameras are also accepted. Beginner photographers are also welcome.
Please bring your photo equipment with you to the workshop – we recommend the following: camera, your favorite lenses, tripod, spare battery, spare memory card.
Lunch, coffee and snacks will be offered.

Where: Coming Soon

About the Instructor

Rita Miklán is a photographer based in Helsinki. Her main focus is portrait and event photography, but she is passionate about food and loves to share her experience with others. She gives workshops in Helsinki since 2012. Her teaching style is laid back and relaxed and she prefers a hands-on approach. During the Food photography workshop she will make sure everyone learns as much as possible and has a great day of photographing food.