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Basic Photography Level 1

This course is designed for absolute beginners (adults and teenagers – 15 years and up) who want to learn the basic aspects of photography, both film or digital.

Street Photography

Urban street life offers several opportunities to make vibrant and captivating images. In this workshop, participants will focus on capturing the life, the characters and the vibe of Helsinki city streets.


Travel Photography

During this workshop you will learn how to enhance the quality of your travel images and create a compelling story of a place that captures the spirit and details of your travels.


Basic Photography Level 2

This course is designed for photographers who are already familiar with main camera operations and who want to focus on refining their creative and technical skills.


Helsinki Cityscapes

We will work together in the class and on the field in downtown Helsinki to develop both the technical and artistic aspects of our images in order to capture the urban landscape around us.


Documentary Photography

This workshop is for intermediate/advanced amateur photographers who want to learn how to tell a story with their images.


Visual Storytelling

Telling a story through photographs! During this seminar we will learn to create a Photo-Essay, a mix of photographs and captions to tell a story of a particular social or political event for example, or to outline the profile of a business, a place, or a character.


The Art of Composition

Composition is an art and, when it comes to composition, the right solution depends on the emotion, the vision, the style, and purpose of the photographer as much as it does on any guidelines.

Family Storytelling Photography

Family Storytelling

If you’re tired of the same old staged family photographs, you won’t want to miss this chance to learn how to “tell” the story of your family with images that are both authentic and meaningful.