The Art of Composition Toggle

1 day seminar – € 90

What is composition? It’s the way we arrange the elements of a picture within the frame. Composition is an art and, when it comes to composition, the right solution depends on the emotion, the vision, the style, and purpose of the photographer as much as it does on any guidelines.

During this workshop we will focus on the artistic aspects of photography, looking and analyzing some of the great masterpieces in photography. We will spend very little time talking about rule of thirds, leading lines, or foreground objects, we’ll rather concentrate on how we “feel” about those photos and why. We will focus on how to pre-visualize a scene in order to “create” our final image, no matter what kind of photography we are dealing with (landscape, street or documentary photography, for example). Through a series of exercises we’ll learn how to slow down and think through the entire process of producing a final image and we will concentrate on how “work the scene”, which elements and details to look for when composing a photograph in the field. This is an aesthetic lecture, therefore it’s perfect for all level of photographic skill.

Equipment needed: laptop or tablet – if owned – for images reviews.
Prerequisite: none.

Dates Fall/Winter 2019

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